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SENDI Ltd. is a rental company providing sound reinforcement equipment and stage constructions, as well as full production services for any shows and events ranging from corporate events to a variety of concerts and festivals for virtually every size and type of entertainment venue.

SENDI was established by the former musician, producer and organizer of international music festivals (incl. "Slaviansky Bazar" in Vitebsk, 1992 -1995) and its current Managing Partner and CEO Mykola Drik in Kyiv, Ukraine in the beginning of 1996.

Mykola Drik has been always convinced that only top quality equipment and highly professional and experienced team lead to the success. Nearly 14 years on, SENDI remains focused on the most advanced industry achievements in order to meet the toughest requirements to the sound reinforcement quality and provide the diversity of staging and roof systems.

In order to achieve the best quality of sound reinforcement SENDI operates exclusively with the world known brands, including Meyer Sound, DiGiCo, Yamaha, Klark Teknik, etc.


Meyer Sound was SENDI's choice in terms of the acoustic systems. SENDI was the very first rental company in Ukraine using line arrays (Meyer Sound Milo). Our choice has proved to be right as in terms of the highest quality, as well as in the remarkable reliability of the hardware in any, sometimes extremely hard circumstances. Thus, in 2004 during "The Orange Revolution" our sound reinforcement system installed in the Independence Square, Kyiv, was working under extremely unfavorable weather conditions around the clock, through rain, snow and temperatures ranging from near freezing to well below for 41 (forty one) days and nights. These were conditions well beyond even Meyer Sound's own rigorous testing procedures, but for us it was complete validation of our confidence in Meyer Sound equipment.

The acquisition of the digital mixing console DiGiCo D5 Live was the next step forward both in terms of the sound quality and clarity improvement and in opening new service possibilities at individual shows and tours and especially at various music festivals.

The great variety of the top quality sound reinforcement equipment allows us supporting several events of any level of complexity simultaneously.

Traditionally being focused on the advanced professional equipment SENDI Ltd. offers its clients the services on building up standard stage and roof systems as well as exclusive individual projects of any size and configuration for various events.


SENDI operates with Layer and Prolyte (based on Prolyte LT Roof and ARC Roof) modular constructions which have no analogues in Ukraine, as well as with any other staging units for any constructive design.

Today, 14 years of the leadership at the rental market of Ukraine allow us and our clients to state that SENDI Ltd. is the leading Ukrainian company which engineering capability allows providing sound reinforcement systems, stage constructions, as well as full production services for the entertainment events of any complexity level.

Quite often SENDI appears to be the ONLY company in Ukraine which meets the needs of the most demanding world headliners. The SENDI's team has proved its highest expertise while working with the world headliners both in Ukraine and abroad.

You will enjoy working with us!


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30/1 Hrushevskoho St.

Kyiv, 01021, Ukraine


our external relation manager's

e-mail: Svitlana Novikova

+38050 4693450


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e-mail: Serhiy Tsesarenko

 +38050 3812424


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e-mail: Mykola Drik


You will enjoy working with us!




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